Camp 2020 abgesagt


The participant(s) and the guardian(s) recognize that, in playing the sports offered in this summer camp, injuries may occur despite all precautionary measures. This especially applies to injuries caused by illegal techniques and actions performed by the participant him/herself or other participants to the participant.

The organizer is liable for mistakes made by him or the trainers/coaches according the stipulations of legal guidelines and has corresponding insurance.

Damages inflicted on the participant by other participants – as far as they are not caused by a mistake of the organizer or trainers/coaches - are not covered by the above insurance.

By registering, the guardian guarantees that the participant’s fitness and state of health allow him/her to participate in the camp.

The organizer does not provide health insurance to the participants.

Release Form: Use of Photographs

I (We) agree that the existing photograph(s) of our child (our children)may be given to American Sports Events GUG within the scope of its public relations program and may be published by American Sports Events GUG (American Sports Camp im Nordend) and its partners on its (their) website(s).

It is hereby guaranteed that the name(s) of those depicted not be mentioned in association with the photograph(s).

I (We) hereby permit the usage of the photo(s) on the camp website and on the websites of the partners of American Sports Events GUG.

I (we) are aware that the photo(s) may possibly be downloaded by other Internet users, may be copied via screenshots and may be altered.